Trois nouveaux articles de chercheurs de la Chaire sont maintenant disponibles dans des revues avec comité de lecture

What most attracts potential candidates? Innovative perks, training, or ethics?’, Career Development International, 21(6), pp. 634–655. doi: 10.1108/cdi-01-2016-0008. Renaud, S., Morin, L. and Fray, A.M. (2016)

Online Relationship Quality: Testing an Integrative and Comprehensive Model in the Banking Industry, Journal of Relationship Marketing, vol. 15, no 4, Pages: 219-246 Isabelle Brun, Lova Rajaobelina & Line Ricard

OCL: Online Customer Loyalty in the Service Industries: Scale Development and Validation, Journal of Relationship Marketing, vol. 15, no 4,Pages: 269-298 Elissar Toufaily, Jean-Mathieu Fallu & Line Ricard


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